Architectural Project that Suits Your Home

With detailed measurements of your living areas, Vitem architects offer you in detail the most suitable designs to your liking. The projects created with high standards, processing every detail carefully, reflect Vitem quality.

5 years warranty

Vitem products are guaranteed for 5 years against material and manufacturing defects. Vitem is behind all the products you can use for years without any problems and with the quality of the first day.


Vitem models are designed by following worldwide trends and fashion details. So you have the quality of aesthetics and ergonomics on a global scale.

High Technology

Vitem serves to achieve maximum quality by minimizing human errors. Provides flawless products with state-of-the-art development and production systems of industry.

Unlimited Technical Service

24/7 Technical Service shows the basic servicing concept that Vitem has never given up since its establishment. You can be sure that all your problems will be solved as quickly as possible with a professional team.


Vitem has a technical capability that goes beyond both the regional and national scale standards. Products developed using computer aided design and drawing (CAD) programs are modeled using the same program on a customer basis and visualized as close as possible to the reality appropriate to the customer's living spaces.

In the production phase, computer-aided manufacturing systems (CAM) which are high-tech and minimize human errors are engaged. Every detail is produced untouched by human hands to a great extent and delivered to the customers.

All processes, passing through high precision quality control stages, are carried out smoothly and according to your living spaces.


In the kitchen and bathroom cabinets the side and bottom-top parts are MDF lam panel of 18 mm thickness in accordance with E1 standards. The front faces will be with 1 mm PVC tape in door color and the other faces will be with 0.40 mm PVC tape in body color in order not to be affected by humidity and ambient humidity. All cabinet backboards are 8 mm MDF Lam panel.

Drawer Systems

Imported rail systems of Europe's largest and the world's leading accessory manufacturers are used, the drawer rails operate softly and silently, with the brake closing function. All drawer frame sides and panel to be used in drawer modules are special painted metal with high water and scratch resistance. The drawer rails used in the drawer modules are concealed, full-draft drawer rails with brakes. Drawer rails have a load bearing capacity of 30 kg.


Imported 105 ° silent and slow closing feature. There is a braking mechanism on the hinge which enables the hinges to close slowly. It can be deactivated at any time.

Hanger elements and suspension rails

German made imported hanger element is used. Each of the hanger elements has a load carrying capacity of 55 kg and each module has a load carrying capacity of 110 kg. In addition, during the earthquake or shake it is able to prevent dislodgement of the module. A plastic cover is fitted to hide the adjustment section of the hanger elements. These covers provide an aesthetic appearance in the body by hiding the entire mechanism.


The movable shelves inside the kitchen cabinet body are 18 mm thick body color. On the front faces are used MDF laminate plates with 1 mm body color PVC band, on the other faces 0.40 mm PVC band. Interior movable shelves are mounted in the body with chrome-plated metal shelf pins. Special shelf pins made of 5 mm chrome-plated metal with a diameter of 5 mm are placed by opening holes on the sides of the cabinet. Chrome-plated metal shelf pin also increases the aesthetic appearance inside the cabinet. It increases the ability of holding the load on the nails on the shelf pin.

Lift Door System

Imported lift door mechanisms of Europe's largest and the world's leading accessory manufacturers are used. This system is preferred for easy closing of door openings, slow closing feature and quality.