Built-in Products

Compatible with Vitem's unique kitchen models, the quality built-in products have a variety that meets your needs 100%. The most prestigious brands of built-in products, Franke, Siemens and Smeg's wide range of products offer a world that makes your life easier in collaboration with Vitem. Vitem transforms your living spaces into spaces that fully meet your expectations with a unique architectural design. Vitem delicately and meticulously designs every detail of your home and prepares environments you will be happy to spend time with. Vitem realizes all its living spaces projects 100% with its team of architects and interior architects and provides professional design and architectural services. All projects are designed in a unique style and concept and give you as much care as you do in your home. Vitem realizes the manufacture of the projects it designs with the management of the architects in the high-tech production facility, and offers tailor-made products that match your living spaces at each stage. Vitem uses quality materials that will make it feel like it was the first day in all of its projects and gives 5-year warranty on living areas projects. Vitem adds glamor to your living spaces with its ceiling and wall coverings, cloakroom, dressing room, cupboard and shelf designs, doors and completely customized special designs.